• Microsoft Office

    I am proficient in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. I have grown up using these programs in my academic and personal lives.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud

    I have become proficient in Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver and Illustrator. These skills have helped me take my graphic and web design to a new level.

  • HTML/CSS Code

    Through my courses at Auburn I have learned how to code and design websites. I have learned how to use Adobe Dreamweaver to code my website.

  • Canva

    Graphic design is an important skill to have in the digital world. I have learned to use Canva to make infographics for social media outlets.

  • Associted Press Style

    I have become proficient in using the Associated Press style of journalistic writing. I have perfected these skills in newswriting and magazine and feature writing.

  • Content Management Systems

    I have learned how to use different content management systems. I am familiar with Wordpress, Ning and Blox.

  • Social Media

    Social media is an important tool for the digital age. In my various work experiences I have learned how to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram both personally and professionally.

  • Cannon DSLR Camera

    I have knowldege in both photography and videography. I also have a working knowledge of editing software for pictures and videos.