I believe that with the roar of the Tigers in my heart and the spirit of War Eagle in my soul, I will succeed. -Takeo Spikes

Auburn University

College of Agriculture

Bachelor of Science

Agricultural Communications

Minor: Agribusiness

Graduation: May 2017

Agricultural communications is a unique degree that combines communication and journalism with agriculture. My course of study includes: communications, journalism, marketing, media and public relations with a focus on agriculture.

Related Coursework

Communications and Journalism

The focus of this course is to become a compelling storyteller for magazine publications. Students research their own story ideas, conduct interviews and turn the ideas into intriguing articles.
By studying infamous public relations disasters, PR Case Studies helps students learn how to properly handle crises that may arise. This course teaches students to apply theory-based solutions as well as creative problem solving skills to repair any public relations issue.
This class teaches the basics in HTML/CSS coding, Adobe suite, writing for various platforms and ultimately, creating an online digital resume and portfolio.
Writing press releases, prepping for a press conference and preparing media kits are just a few of the projects created in this class. It is designed to prepare students for any kind of print material that may be encountered in a field in public relations.
In the project based course I worked for the College of Agriculture's Student Services department. I created social media graphics and videos, redesigned Learning Community postcards to be mailed to incoming freshmen, created Ag Week 2017 promotions and video production for the upcoming Camp War Eagle.



This class teaches economics and business principles applied to agriculture. Students are taught business formation, how to compose and analyze financial statements, financial analysis and decision-making functions of management, capital budgeting and investment decisions.
This class introduces students to financial institutions related to agribusiness activites and trains them to apply basic methods and techniques utilized by the financial manager of a business.
This course teaches principles and problems of marketing farm and agribusiness products, including, marketing methods, channels, structures and institutions.
This course covers agricultural policies, international markets, the basic principles of international trade, international trade policy and how to apply economic theory to analyze trends and patterns of agricultural trade.